Official Statement regarding the Cancellation of Pop Star Boot Camp - summer 2020

Hello Pop Star Boot Camp Families,


As many of you know the facilities at THE STOP include a state of the art rehearsal studio and concert hall that many high profile artists rent to prepare for their tours and concerts.

The revenue we get from the studio financially carries THE STOP and makes it possible for us to offer an amazing music school and summer camp at our location.


Unfortunately COVID-19 has hit the music industry hard, and despite the talk of some businesses possibly reopening by the summer, music festivals, concerts and tours continue to be cancelled throughout the year.

This has had a devastating impact on our business.


We are trying our hardest, but at this time it is impossible to say whether we will be able to carry our costs through the summer. 

Even more uncertain is whether emergency restrictions will be lifted fully, and allow us to run our camp in the months of July and August.


For this reason we have had to make the heartbreaking decision to cancel Pop Star Boot Camp for summer 2020.

(Note: online music lessons for the current semester are still happening and not cancelled)


Every single family will receive a FULL REFUND for the fees paid for camp - summer 2020.



Today we begin the huge task of processing the refunds to the over 90 Pop Star Boot Camp participants.

Refunds will be processed as follows:


- All purchases through our Online Store will be refunded directly to the credit card used for the purchase of camp.

We expect to finish processing the refunds over the next week, but please note that refunds can take 7-14 business days on top of that before they show up on your credit card.

You will be notified by email from SQUARE about the refund.


- All other purchases will be refunded by e-transfer over the next 5-10 business days to the email address provided at time of registration.


- If your child is a music student of THE STOP we will contact you individually to discuss whether you wish to apply your camp fees to lessons, or wish to have your refund for camp processed separately from your student account.




We thank you all so very much for choosing to send your child to THE STOP for summer camp :)

We have the most amazing, creative and musical campers, and we will miss them so much!


We hope to be able to weather this storm, and if we do Pop Star Boot Camp will be back next summer!



Please let us know if you have any questions.



Wishing your family health and happiness :)


Jasmine & THE STOP staff

© 2020 The One Stop Pop Shop Incorporated